With your purchase, you will receive a link to download a ZIP or a RAR file which includes (1) a single WAV file of the beat, (2) all of the beat’s instruments as separate wav files (tracked out) and (3) a contract granting you the non-exclusive rights for unlimited use of the beat. If you wish to receive the files trough the mail on a CD, please contact me after your purchase.


More specifically, the non-exclusive rights grant you unlimited commercial recordings and broadcasts royalty free worldwide. You have full rights to record, alter and mix the instrumental in any shape, way, or form. However, you can not resell your rights and you will not gain the ownership of the beat which means that it can be sold multiple times. You can view the contract you will receive before hand by clicking here.


To purchase the non-exclusive rights described here, add beats to your cart at the “Beats” page. Enquire about exclusive rights and custom beats.



9 thoughts on “Licence

  1. If you have any questions about the license agreement, you can reply here or contact me.
    Here are some FAQ about licensing:
    “Are the prices listed on your site for exclusive rights?”
    – No, they are for non-exclusive rights. However, these non-exclusive rights do not have any restrictions on use and they include separated tracks.
    “If I buy one of your beat is it gonna be still available for others or are you only able to buy it only ones?”
    – The beat will be available for others to purchase unless you purchase the exclusive rights by contacting me.
    “I read in the ‘License’ section that If i purchase a beat I will not own full ownership of the beat meaning it can be resold multiple times. How do I acquire the beat with the guarantee no other artists will have it?”
    – You can acquire the exclusive rights to a beat by contacting me. The beat will not be sold anymore and becomes your property. However, multiple non-exclusive rights might have been sold to the beat already which means you would not be the only artist using the beat. Therefore, to have a guarantee to be the only artists using a beat, you need to order a custom made beat. If you’re interested in that, please contact me.

  2. If I buy a beat, can I rap to it in a live performance with people in attendance? Can I rap over it and put it on my cd?

    • Yes, you can use the beat for live performances and put your song that uses the beat on a CD and sell it. You do not even have to pay me any royalties. Thank you for your good question!

    • Good question! After your payment you will automatically receive a download link to one file (zip or rar) that includes all the tracks and the contract. The contract is signed by me. You can print the contract and sign it if you wish but you do not need to send it back to me. The contract works simply as a proof of your rights to use the beat.

  3. If I purchased your beats on ITunes, may I use it in a non-profit hoop mix tape I have made for my son? We love your beats.

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